As our parents get older, most of us begin worrying about their health. While we want them to stay healthy and live independently, there will likely come a time when they will need assistance with daily activities. 

That’s when a retirement community can offer the much-needed relief. They usually assign a caregiver to take care of your parents and even address their mental and spiritual needs. Besides, you won’t have to take days off from your job to help them with their daily living activities. 

However, even when we know moving parents to a retirement community is for their own benefit, we often feel guilty about it. 

If you also feel the same, this article is for you. In this article, we will talk about a few things that will help you cope with the guilt feeling when moving a loved one to a retirement community. 

1. Understand that there’s nothing you can do about their age-related challenges

We all want to be with our parents when they’re getting old. But think of it practically. You probably already have various responsibilities (job, spouse, and maybe kids). At the same time, your parents are getting older. No matter how fit they are, they will likely start experiencing age-related problems (arthritis, back pain, cognitive problems, etc.) over time. 

No matter how hard you try, there will be times when you will be unable to assist them and feel even more guilty about it. 

However, if they are in a good retirement community, they will always be assisted by a caretaker. Plus, they will meet many people their age and might as well bond with them. 

2. Seeking retirement community care can enhance the quality of life of everyone

Moving parents to a retirement community will ensure they get their needs properly managed and addressed. And as mentioned above, your responsibilities will reduce a little, allowing you to spend time with your spouse and kids. 

The best part is that the best retirement communities have experts who can provide medical, emotional, and spiritual support to ensure your parents feel at home and stay happy. The nursing staff even takes care of their health and ensures they’re taking their medications (if any) on time. 

3. Acknowledge that you’re making the best decision for your loved ones

Sometimes an individual’s needs are simply too big to be met by you at your home. For instance, if you are unmarried and live with your parents who occasionally require medical assistance, you will find it difficult to meet their requirements all the time, especially if you have little to no medical experience. 

Retirement communities, on the other hand, retirement communities have nurses and doctors 24/7 to provide necessary medical assistance all the time. This ensures you don’t feel pressured to leave everything aside and take care of your parents while still giving them the best possible care. 

4. Talk it out with a friend

If you have friends who have moved their parents to a retirement community, talk to them about the positive effects of it. They will help you understand how it has benefited their parents. 

When you know that their parents are happier and healthier in a retirement community, it will overpower the guilt and help you understand its importance. Plus, it will help overcome negative emotions. 

5. Think about tomorrow

While your parents might be healthy now, what about tomorrow? Or next year? As we have already discussed, their problems will likely increase as they age. 

Can you give them the necessary help they need? If yes, then you can think of alternate caregiver options. However, if you have a full-time job or are expecting a child soon, things can change quickly. 

A retirement community can take the major responsibility over your shoulders. Since retirement communities are highly flexible, you can always take your parents home during holidays or your special days. 

Choose the Right Retirement Community for Your Parents

The best way to not feel guilty about moving your parents into a retirement community is choosing the right care for them. 

Make sure you can trust the retirement community you’re leaving your parents in. You can do that by visiting the community, talking to people who are living there, and analyzing their activities. 

For instance, Embassy Manor offers professional nursing home and subacute facility in Edison, NJ has highly skilled staff to take care of your loved ones. We also host a wide range of social, religious, and recreational activities to make your parents feel at home.

Our co-workers can provide details on the services we offer, help you to schedule a tour of our retirement community and answer any other questions you might have

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